Smart Living Stores started in 1999 as CarbSmart, Inc. with the goal of being the largest retailer of low carb foods. Our original plan included having the online store,, as well as physical retail stores in cities across the US and Canada. It also included creating CarbSmart-branded products like foods, books and cookbooks as well as having a wholesale division that sold these same items to other stores that were not large enough to order direct from the manufacturers but still had customers in their area that wanted these items. Over time we realized that since we understood what this special category of customers needed, we were not just about selling the largest selection of low carb, sugar free, and diabetic-friendly products but more about how to eficiently and effectively bring a niche specialty retail category to an under-served but growing specialty customer group.

It also meant knowing that these new specialty groups not only wanted great quality, hard-to-find items but that these items should fit into their sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle and make their life easier and more fulfilling. So each Smart Living Store fully understands the customer's goals in life and their wants and needs, and in one place, brings them the vendors and products that support their journey to live a better life. Over time we continue to find and present multiple specialty categories that all together help our customers to live better lives.

Some of our other specialty stores include:
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